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Art.720 — “MAXI”


Specific for solvent!
Maxi parts-washer is ideal for washing medium-sized mechanical parts, buffers and small silk-screen printing frames. It consists of a large steel container for manually washing parts and pieces conveniently. It is pneumatically-driven and is fitted with a reliable vapor suction system that guarantees safe work conditions when using solvents or water-based detergents.
Piece-washer Maxi is available in 2 versions:

Mod. 720-B with manual washing system, is fitted with a user-friendly brush fed by a pneumatic pump. The brush is also used for pre-wash and final rinse with clean detergent.

Mod. 720-C with automatic washing system; the manual wash with brush is completed with an extra pneumatic pump controlled by a timer enabling the automatic wash.


MANUAL MAXI PARTS WASHER specific for solvent

  • Ideal for washing with thinner, solvent or water-bas
  • For mechanical parts, buffers and silk-screen printing frames
  • Wash with brush fed by pump
  • Automatic vapour exhaustion
  • Possibility to pick clean liquid
  • MOD. 720C ONLY: Automatic wash with diaphragm pump
  • ATEX II 2G


Peso / Weight81 kg
Dimensioni / Dimensionsmm 910 x 675 x 1670 h
Dimensioni piano lavoro / Work bench dimensionsmm 880 x 620 x 600 h
Diametro del tubo di scarico / Exhaust duct diametermm 180
Funzionamento / Operationpneumatico / pneumatic
Pressione aria / Air pressure min 6 - max 10 bar