Art. M30 - M30F

  • Automatic and manual wash of solvent-based paint
  • Automatic vapour exhaustion from work area
  • Automatic wash with diaphragm pump feeding recirculating liquid
  • MOD. M30 F only:
    • final wash with an extra diaphragm pump feeding clean thinner operated by push-button
    • Wash with Venturi pump feeding recirculating thinner
  • Mechanical block of the lid of automatic washing during cleaning cycle
  • Venturi pump feeding clean liquid
  • Nebulizer for final rinse with clean thinner
  • Air pressure regulator for color testing
  • 100% stainless steel
  • ATEX II 2G


Technical Data

Peso / Weight 67 kg
Dimensioni / Dimensions mm 690 x 690 x 1490 h
Numero di pistole per ciclo di lavaggio / Number of spray-guns per washing cycle n° 2
Diametro del tubo di scarico / Exhaust duct diameter mm 120
Funzionamento / Operation pneumatico / pneumatic
Pressione aria / Air pressure min 6 - max 10 bar


Automatic and manual wash of solvent-based paint