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UNICLEANER is a universal washing liquid for cleaning spray guns soiled with solvent-based paints, water-based paints, primers, clearcoats, etc.
The pure product is free of harmful components, non-toxic for the operator, non-flammable, almost odourless, does not evaporate and protects the guns and machines from scaling.
After 10-15 hours from each use of UNICLEANER, the paint in suspension separates from the liquid and precipitates to the bottom of the container, leaving most of the liquid almost clear (it makes the paint settle).
Only one container is used for the product as the gun does not require a final rinse: in other words, a second container of UNICLEANER or any other clean detergent is not needed. If necessary, a simple damp cloth can be used to remove the slight oily residue. A single 20-litre can of UNICLEANER can be used for a very long time, taking care to periodically remove the sludge from the bottom and top up with fresh liquid (mod. D20 recommended).

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